Sample testing

Convince yourself of the results of our quality control measurement system. Send us your samples (particles > 1μm diameter, fibres > 1μm fineness) or your images done by your own scanner or microscope and we will send you the results of the image analysis shortly. Be aware your scanner must be validated by us if you choose the second option. For prices and other information please contact us.

Customized dispersion liquids

Sample preparation in a few minutes. Sample preparation with chemo dynamic dispersion liquids works as if by magic. Available for carbon fibers, glass fibers, natural fibers, silk, etc. Send us your samples and see the convincing results. Contact us for further information.

Scanner Validation

To ensure that the quality control measurement system runs as expected and to get reproducible results it is required to validate your scanner regularly. Furthermore, the scanner validation is necessary to fulfill the ISO norms. To get more information about how to validate your scanner please contact us.


The following courses are offered by the IST AG:

  • DiaShape course
  • FibreShape course
  • PowderShape course

The courses are available in English, German and French.
The goal of the courses is to learn the basic steps of using the system and to get in depth knowledge of image analysis and algorithms in DiaShape, FibreShape or PowderShape. During the course you learn to customize the system for your own application. The practical work is an important part of the courses. For further information please contact us.

Selling of calibration sets

The calibration sets allow you to calibrate your system. The following calibration sets can be ordered:

  • Sphere standard: sapphire sphere of 600 μm + 1
  • Fibre standard: 1 mm fibre length
  • Shape standard: ellipse-axial ration a/b = 1,6


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